Mobil 1 Oil Change March 2013

So finally it was an oil change time. I have been doing Mobile 1 Syntetic High Mileage with Mobile 1 Oil Filter for last couple of times. I have been definately seeing improvement in performance and ride has been fairly quite as well.

I had my last oil change on 10/27/2012 at 151,258 Miles and today I changed it again on 03/09/2013 at 156,654 miles, it was about 1/2 quart low after about 5 months and 6500 miles driving. Not bad considering the mileage on my Camry.

I Picked up Mobile 1 Oil Filter at Advanced Auto Parts with 20 Dollars off 50 coupon, 4 of them were 35 bucks including taxes, so about 8.75 dollars a piece. I don’t do oil changes myself but get them done at Walmart – with 2.10 credit for filter it ended up being around 56.62 with tax. so for Full Synthetic Mobil 1 Oil Change it is around 66 Bucks better deal than Jiffy Lube or Mobile 1 quick change center it self they both charge around 84.99+ tax.

Someday I will do it myself which will be even more cost effective then this.


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NetTalk with ASA Firewalls

I have been dealing with issues with NetTalk not working as expected with my ASA5505. Symptoms I have seen are it will work for a bit with a solid green and then green would start blinking indicating connections are blocked by firewall and eventually it will turn red and can’t receive inbound or make outbound calls.

Tonight I decided to look more into it.

So far have made following changes

1. Disable SIP inspection in default global policy

2. Created translations for ports 5085, 12000 and 12001 and allowed inbound access on 5085, 12000 and 12001 to NetTalk Device

static (inside,outside) udp interface 5085 5085 netmask
access-list inbound extended permit udp any interface outside eq 5085

static (inside,outside) udp interface 12000 12000 netmask
access-list inbound extended permit udp any interface outside eq 12000

static (inside,outside) udp interface 12001 12001 netmask
access-list inbound extended permit udp any interface outside eq 12001

We will see how it works for next few days and continue further troubleshooting.


Update 2

Above mentioned step did not resolve the issues, it worked for about 10 hours and then outbound connection to will disappear and greenlight will start blinking and then eventually turned red.

I ended up implementing DMZ on ASA updated ASA to 8.4 and so far so good since yesterday night. Now one issue I have on hand is ASA 5505 with 8.3 or higher needs 512MB of minimum ram mine has only 256 MB so looking for after market ram for ASA 5505 seems like it needs to be DDR3200 and following afer market models appear to be working


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Cisco 3750X Switches

Cisco 3750X Series switches are widely adopted with several successful deployments out there. Link below provides quoting and sales related information for those switches.

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Cisco 3850X Switches

Cisco recently introduced 3850X Series Access Layer switches – first product to offer wireless convergence. Switch will still be running IOS which will provide great ease of management and bandwidth saving since APs willl not need to go back to controller to talk. I am hoping to be able to deploy one soon. Below is the link to configuration guides for the switch. It is priced exactly the same as 3750X. Link below provides good weekend reading to learn more about the switches

Below is a very good comparison between 3750X vs 3850X put together by Matt Thompson on his blog.

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Blackberry Server Compatibility Chart

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Compatibility charts are located at link below.

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Exchange 2010 SP2 supportability matirx

Exchange 2010 supportability matrix is located here..

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Peformance Gathering Tools

Below is the link to some performance measurement tools..

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