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Workload Consideration for Virtual Desktop Reference Architectures

VMWare has a nice tool to do VDI workload testing for capacity planning and architecture validation perspective Desktop Reference Architecture Workload Code, it is available to VMWare partners only from Partner Central.  Below is the link to RAWC white paper and nice blog post from explain the tool and it’s purpose.


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VMWare View to Support PCoIP over Internet

It appears that VMWare is finally going to bring in support for PCoIP across internet. See link below.

It will be interesting to see what move will Citrix make to make their product appealing. In my opinion One of Citrix’s biggest selling point was unified experince across LAN, WAN and across the internet with ICA and VMWare view always got beat up because of it’s inability to route PCoIP. I have always thought PCoIP would be routable then it will be a game changer because linked clones are far superior and easier to manage than Citrix Provisioning services and far less complex…

Also both Citrix and VMWare has lacked support for virtual desktop Antivirus solution specially with non-persistent desktop deployments, with the release of VShield for Endpoint VMWare seemed to have take a leap in right direction..

It will be exciting few months. I hope VMWare releases iPad client, Anroid Client which will support PCoIP as well , that will make VMWare View far better solution than Citrix XenDesktop from user experince and cost prospective. The reason I said cost prospective is because Citrix XenDesktop is licensed per user or per device Vs. VMware view is licensed per concurrent user.

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