Craziness of Information Technology World

Updates from the week ending Saturday Sep 17, 2016

Information Technology world was in its childhood from late 80s early 90s, it was a teen ager mid-90s to early/mid 2000s and then it took off.

Lately it seems like it is going through massive product life cycle acceleration as well as business model changes. After success of, ITunes store and Google App, Microsoft has finally caught up or surpassed by catching up with Office 365 and now starting to offer Windows 10 licensing under its subscription model.

Currently there are two Licensing models E3 and E5 for Windows 10 – to match main stream office 365 licensing model

In last week’s significant developments in technology word

  1. Windows 10 E5 became available as a subscription
  2. VMWare divested it’s VRealize product line by a private equity firm Skyview Capital
  3. Cisco issued 6.5 Billion dollars in Notes paying 2.0%



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