Car Maintenance

I am a very frugal guy. I want the best prodcut or solution money can by at the best price, I have few rules around how I do it though.

1. I do not believe in negotiating down labor of hard working individuals

2. I do not want to be cheap and buy something that is subpar

I was looking for ways to optimize my cars, a few years ago I finally settled for standard bits and pieces and they are working out very well for me.

Below is what I use for Do It yourself maintenace

Air Filter – K & L Air flter, costs a lot more up front but performance is great and you are good for 1 million miles

Oil Filter – Mobil 1 Oil filter – Good for upto 15000 miles

Oil – Mobil 1 fully synthetic 5W30 High Mileage – There is is not the sameone that gurantees 15000 miles but I have ran it successfully for 11000 miles, now I change it at around 7000 miles

Viper blades – RainX Latitude

Other Maintenace – Seafoam every 5000 miles

Battery Terminal Protector – spray it every few months

Tires – BF GoodRich Touring from SAMs club, rotated every 5000 miles

Breakes – Advanced Autopart Weaver Platinum breakpads and standard rotors

For Oil Change purchase

I buy 5 Qt Mobil 1 Jugs for about USD 25 and I end up buy 4 jugs per year

I buy 4 filters and seafoam 128 oz from Adanced Autopart at once for 70 bucks – All of which runs me for one year between two cars, each filter roughly ends up being USD 9.00

I have found a very good mechanic nearby who charges me 15 bucks per oil change

So each of my oil change is

Mobil 1 Fully Synthetic HM 5W30 Oil – 26

Mobil 1 Filter – 9

Oil Change Labor 15

Total Cost for Mobil 1 fully synthetic High mileage Oil Change – USD 50


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